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If you have an upcoming event/conference and are considering hiring a professional event planner, you should know that they provide several services. Their role is to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Depending on your budget and preference, some of the services you should expect from planners include the following.

Coordinating Invites

You can get the planners to coordinate invites and ensure that the guests get to the venue without struggling. The planners can send out emails or text messages to the invited guests, respond to their questions and concerns, and act as a link between you and the guests. They can also do other things like booking for them transport and picking them from the airport or from wherever they are based.


Catering and making sure the guests are well-fed is a big part of event planning. Most planners have a package that allows their clients to choose whether they will want their guests to be fed during the event, how many people will be catered for, and the kinds of food that the invitees will eat. Getting event planners to handle the food is always convenient and cheaper in most instances.

Booking Venue

Many venues can host events and conferences in Toronto. The advantage of working with professional event planners is that they know most of the sites, and can recommend a good space that they feel will work best for you. Some planners will even go ahead and book the venue as part of the package that you are paying them.

Crisis Management

When you are bringing people together, you should always expect the unexpected. Someone could fall sick and need emergency care, or the venue that has been chosen can get complicated hence throwing the entire event into confusion. Professional planners always help with crisis management in ways that will not interrupt the whole event.